Value Proposition Design

In this workshop, we’ll look for the perfect fit between your customer needs and your value proposition. We’ll explore your customers job-to-be done and create value, by reducing pain and boosting gains.

Value Proposition Canva

Create products that people want

In this workshop we’ll map, design or evaluate your value proposition starting from your customer needs and look for the perfect fit.

Every day new products are created, but most of them fail to deliver value to the customers. But what is value? People don’t buy products, they buy solutions to their problems. The easier the better.  And not any solutions, but solutions that are in line with their values – that are sustainable.

So, to bring value, you need to

  • understand your customers’ problems and define how your value proposition will help solving them;
  • maximize the expected benefits and the outcome for the customer and the community;
  • reduce the pains along the journey and negative impact on the planet.

These are the ingredients of a successful and sustainable value proposition. During the workshop we will go through each of them, using methodologies such as Value Proposition CanvasJob to be done & Circular Design.

This workshop is for you if you want to...

By focusing on customers’ needs, pains and gains, you’ll identify new gaps or unmet needs to improve your value proposition. And what about adding some positive impact on communities?

You have a great idea? We’ll help you formulate it clearly and ensure your customers have good reasons to care about it. You might discover new gaps to enrich your initial idea and deprioritize some components that are not really needed by your users.

Great value propositions require great communication to reach your customers’ heart. By clearly putting forward the way your product is helping them solving their problems, you’ll gain on impact.

Using a common canvas helps you compare your value proposition easily, against competition. Additionally, by focusing on customers’ problems (and not only on products), you’ll extend your competitive landscape to solutions out of your product segment but addressing similar needs. You’ll be able to choose a clear differentiation strategy, that is to say a better way to address the needs, generating more gains or reducing pains to get the job done.

Explore new possibilities by starting from unmet customers’ needs, pains and gains.

Our workshop invite you to think about your impact on communities. Reduce the negative aspects and create positive ones.

“People don't buy products, they buy solutions to their problems."

Main benefits

Pre requesite

The value proposition canva is based on a good understanding of your customers’ needs, pains and gains. If this is not yet the case, we recommend to starting with a Customer Discovery Workshop.