Design Thinking Bootcamp

A rapid and fun introduction to Design Thinking methodology. Learn and apply skills to innovate and solve business challenges using user-centered design techniques.

Design Thinking Bootcamp

Learn to innovate and solve problems in a user-centered way

Design thinking is a human-centered process for innovation and problem-solving. It focuses on the users you are creating for. It’s about observing, immersing oneself, and empathizing with your users/customers. It is a great way to identify their problems to be solved or the aspects of their lives one could improve, and use it as source of inspiration to design new products/services/offers or enhance their experience. Once defined, ideas are quickly turned into prototypes and validated with users, in iterative cycles, until the user needs are satisfied.

In this ‘learning by doing’ training, you will experience the key steps of the design thinking method through a simple challenge.

  • Empathize with your user
  • Capture the findings and Define a problem to solve
  • Generate ideas
  • Quickly make a usable prototype
  • Validate a prototype with your user

This workshop is for you if you want to...

Your teams will experience the benefits to create product or solve problems from a user perspective.

Design thinking is a great way to innovate. First, by empathizing with user, you’ll discover unmet needs. In the ideation phase you’ll generate ideas to serve them. Prototyping and testing phases will bring your ideas to life and validate them with the users. All these steps are iterative, untill the perfect fit is reached.

The Design thinking Bootcamp is fun and very interactive, bringing new tools to the teams and loads of inspiration to think and solve their daily challenges.

Main benefits

  • A proven methodology for innovation
  • A fun and interactive way of learning new methods
  • An effective contribution to customer-centric company culture

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