[C] as Customers Citizens Collaborators Collective intelligence Circular Creativity Change Concrete results

The user-centered flow...

King C * User-Centered Flow

You can pick any workshop to answer a specific need or take the flow of our user-centered approach. 

... to deliver value for the 3Cs ...

We strongly believe in the power of the combined force of the 3CsCustomers, Citizens and Collaborators – to create value for your company. These 3 dimensions are deeply ingrained in our workshops.

3C model

Great customer experience and receiving real value is the new normal for most Customers, especially in a time where their voice has become social.

But Customers and Collaborators are also Citizens and their expectations are changing. More than a great product and experience, they expect a great company, in line with their values. Increasingly, their preference goes to sustainable organizations.

Happy and Engaged Collaborators make happy customers. Let’s activate the power of their collective intelligence.

... through values


Customer-Centricity: That’s our foundation. Putting the customer at the heart of the company, as a key contributor to value creation.

Collective intelligence: We energize and empower your teams. We facilitate their evolution from problems towards solutions with our step-by-step workshops

Circular: Designing great products and experiences means evaluating and reducing their impact on the world. We’ll help you explore possible shifts.

Creativity: Each workshop has an ideation phase and is designed to unleash the creativity of every participant.

Change : Our workshops will teach your teams new ways of working and contribute to create a customer-centric culture.

Concrete results are delivered at the end of each workshop, in a very short time thanks to our step-by-step approach.

Used methodologies

KINGCUSTOMER workshops combine our own experience and inspiration from several methodologies, such as Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Circular Design, Value Proposition and Business Model Canvas.

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