Customer Discovery

Gain deep insights of your customers and create a customer-centric culture.

Customer Discovery Workshop

Get closer than ever to your customers

Empathy is the foundation of a customer-centric way of working. Whatever the problem you are working on, starting from a deep understanding of customer needs will always bring additional value. Our Customer Discovery workskop is there to help your teams adopt this customer point of view and to surface new insights to feed your projects. 

Our Customer Discovery workshops are tailor-made and based on our clients’ needs. We design the best path to your customers’ hearts and minds… depending on your business goal, maturity in customer knowledge, available data and willingness to bring the teams out of the building or not.

We use a mix of techniques to capture and collect customer insights, to map and visualize them and then extract the most useful and inspiring ones to be worked upon.


First, your teams will collect and capture all the needed insights to serve your goal. You can either opt for one or all three of our insights collection techniques


Once all insights are collected, we’ll use the power of visual thinking and storytelling to summarize our findings (persona, empathy maps, customer journey and experience map, visual stories…)


It is then time to turn key insights into challenges in order to innovate, improve experience or existing product/services, create new campaigns.



Existing data  will be explored in our structured way to find the golden nuggets. It could be market data, competition info, customer needs, satisfaction enquiries, CRM data, analytics, …



Walk in your customers’ shoes to experience their lives or feelings. Meet real customers by doing interviews and observations to collect fresh insights. 




Listen to your front line people and amplify the outcome of your voice of the customer (VOC) program.

This workshop is for you if you want to...

During this session you will develop empathy with prospects and customers to look for new inspiration to feed your innovation roadmap. You will learn and put into practice a user-centered approach in your product development. Ready to start delivering products that people want? 

Put yourself into the shoes of your users to identify key pain points and point new opportunities to wow your customers.

Empathy will help you surface your customers barriers, expected benefits and the precise words used during their purchase journey. They are all great levers to increase the impact of your communication and help make the switch from a product/features approach to a customer/benefit one. Ready to start using the words of your customers, stimulate benefits and remove barriers? 

We’ll identify and map your buyer journey, the keywords they use and search, the roles involved in the decision, the channels they use, the problems they are trying to solve, the problems they meet during their purchase experience and what are the main levers to act upon in order to boost your performance.

Do your team members share a common understanding on your customer segments? Is the customer-knowledge effectively spread out within the teams? If the answer is no, this worskhop will show you how to create easy-to-share and engaging tools to increase this awareness.


Adopting user stories is already a great step towards a user-centric product development. But are these stories based on facts, observations and real customer insights, or just the product owner’s intuitions? Learn how to capture the needed insights to feed your product backlog.

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