Experience Design Sprint

Develop customer-centric experiences that bring value to your customers and create long-lasting relations.

Experience Design

Delight your customers with great experiences

Customer journeys are getting more and more complex, especially since omnichannel has become the new normal. Delivering great customer experience is even more challenging if you have to work in silo organizations.

In this workshop we’ll help your teams map, evaluate or design memorable and simple experiences for your customers. We’ll quickly move from mapping to simple and memorable stories, or use other creative ways to immerse teams in your current or dreamed customer journey. The whole process is a collective work, bringing together cross-disciplinary teams with the objective of breaking internal silos and encourage everyone to embrace the customer’s point of view

The detailed agenda is ‘à la carte’, and based on what you want to focus on:

  • The identification of every key customer journey
  • A detailed mapping of a customer journey
  • An increased awareness of teams on effective customer experience
  • A focus on solving problems
  • The design of new experiences

This workshop is for you if you want to...

Bad NPS, loads of studies about your customers’ dissatisfaction (and the reasons for it) and daily negative feed-back from the field? It’s time to move into action in a result-driven workshop that will improve your customer’s experience.

Is customer experience part of your launch? Have you defined how the customer will get informed, buy or get support on this new product or service? Are your teams ready? We’ll design the ideal experience to make your launch a success.

Immersion into customer journeys – adopting the customer’s point of view to evaluate interactions with your company – is a great way to increase the customer-centricity culture in your company.

Is your website easy to use? Is it addressing key customers’ goals? How is your conversion funnel, where are people stuck? These questions – and more – could be tackled and solved during our workshop.

Engage your teams and get everyone involved in the design of solutions. Move from powerpoint decks with lists of problems to immersion in customer journeys and engaging stories around your users’ experience. Go from the problem space to the solution space in a single workshop, and step out with concrete actions.

How it works

The brief

Preparation meeting to define the scope and participants of the worskhop.

Define the problem

Identification of key problems on the journey map.
Turn problems into opportunies (‘How might We…’ technique).
Selection of the problems to focus on, during next phase.

Produce solutions

Ready to jump into the solution space! Ideation phase to generate possible solutions to the problem and quickly sketch it. We vote and select the most promising ones to go into prototyping phase.

Prototype & Validate

Prototyping of selected ideas, impact/effort assessment, validation of action plan and next steps.

Experiment & Evaluate

Selected ideas are tested and implemented. An evaluation session is planned to start new iteration for improvement.

Main benefits

  • Get a visual and creative representation of your customer journeys
  • Get concrete ideas and prototypes to improve your customer experience
  • Design experiences based on real customer expectations
  • Engaged teams with increased awareness of customer point of view