Customer Lab

Crash-test your ideas, website, messages and deliverables to secure your launches. User-Experience research services to validate your ideas with your customers.

User Testing

Secure your launches, test it with your customers!

Stop wasting time in unproductive meetings, debating what might or might not work, or how to please your customers. Look for the only opinion that matter: your customer’s! The Customer Lab proposes User-Experience research services to help you quickly validate with your customers your ideas, messages, applications or experiences.

UX studies can be organized at any stage of your project: concept, prototype, or final product/proposition/material. The Customer Lab can test the understanding and acceptation of a concept, usability, the flowness of any client’s tasks, the user experience, …. and much more. 

Testing isn’t reserved for products or a website. Everything can be tested: Business Model, Campaigns, Website or apps, Journey, Experience, Service, Product, Prototype… This new way of working is now embraced by the most successful companies in every aspects of their activity. What about you?

The research methodologies we use


  • Individual tests 
  • 5 to 10 tests in every segment of customers 
  • Duration: between 30 minutes and 1 hour per test
  • Users are asked to perform some tasks within the application/website, or to use some features of the product 
  • Face-to-face or remotely. All sessions are performed under the supervision of a facilitator (for guidance and observation) 
  • User testing is preferred for websites, applications, physical products or live experience testing


  • Individual interviews 
  • 5 to 10 interviews, including “extreme” users if needed
  • Duration: 30 to 45 minutes per interview
  • Face-to-face or remotely
  • Customer Interview is preferred to validate prototypes of customer journeys, business models, concepts… with the underlying idea of collecting deep insights or customer feed-backs


  • Group of 6 to 10 people – same language and profile
  • Duration: 2h
  • Live or remotely
  • Focus Group is preferred to test the understanding and adoption of concept or deliverables

You might need the help of the Customer Lab when...

“Fail fast, succeed faster.” Test your new product at each stage of your project: from initial concept (does it fit your user’s needs?) to final version (feeding your product backlog). A low-fi prototype tested with 5 users will teach you a lot and save as much money.

Make sure that your site is converting at its best, that the main user goals are met in the right way and that the user is satisfied.

You have designed a new experience in your store? Test the journey with your customers and validate the impact on their satisfaction, and on your growth.

The evaluation of communication material can be very subjective. Does everyone have his say on the wording, or the best picture to use? Stop debating and look for the only opinion that matters: your customer’s

You have already adopted the fast lane for solving big problems in a matter of days? Great! We can assist you during the test phase. But we can also facilitate the Design Sprint from A to Z…

How it works

Main benefits

  • Get quick results to improve your project
  • Reduce launch uncertainties and risks
  • Stop wasting time in endless debates
  • Validate chances of success before the end of the project
  • Fail Fast, Succeed Faster

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